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How Deal Dashboard Works

Our Deal Dashboard System allows professionals that are constantly on the move, send out the terms of their business including a personal message that allows you to build up more rapport with your clients.

Our innovative design then sends your leads to an instruction page that incentivises the sales of you extra services.

Unlike other systems out there we have no monthly subscription or fees, you only pay for the business that you win.


Visit the Client

You visit the client to assess their needs and wants from your business, talk to them about your services and extras you can offer.

Giving them an idea of the quote while you are there like usual.


Quote through Deal Dashboard

Once you have visited the client, login to Deal Dashboard and add the basic information regards, values, fees and quote.

The system shall fill in the rest of the details from a template email that you can change to fit your needs.


Add your personal message

Along with the very business orientated fields of quote and fees, we all know people buy from people they like; so Deal Dashboard allows you to add a personal note as a personal touch which will be added to the email that we send to the clients

A nice friendly touch to help you entice clients to instruct.


Clients Click to Instruct

With all the data you have inputted, Deal Dashboard then uses this information to compile a professional looking email that includes a customisable template you can edit.

The clients then click the big "INSTRUCT NOW" button on the email.


Deal Dashboard Offers your Extras

Once clients click the instruct now button they are taken to a landing page that includes your optional extras that they can also click to instruct you on.

Improving the numbers of leads converted into move revenue.


Only pay for what you win

Each Month Deal Dashboard will only charge you for the number of clients that have instructed you through the app plus any extras instructed.

No Subscriptions, No Monthly Fees, the perfect Lead Generation, Only pay for Success.

Types of Businesses

Deal Dashboard can be used in any sector of industry to improve Lead Generation. However some examples of industries that use Deal Dashboard system day-to-day are listed below.

Contact us to discuss whether Deal Dashboard is right for your Business.

Estate Agents

Viewings & Valuations

We have specific systems for both Valuation and Viewing Feedback

Letting Agents

Viewings & Valuations

We have specific systems for both Valuation and Viewing Feedback

Property Developers

Landowner Meetings

Perfect for touching base with a Landowner when negotiating a deal.

Sales Reps

Sales Visits

For touching base immediately with clients while you are on the road.

Commercial Agents

Viewings & Valuations

Development Consultancy, Valuations, Agency Work, Lease Negotiations, Planning

Building Services

Contract Quotes

Plumbers, Builders, Electricians, Extensions, Major Building Work

Mortgage Advisors

Mortgages and Insurance

Ideal after a mortgage advice appointment to send the client a few details and up sell extras.

Solicitors Surveyors

All aspects

Including Valuations, Surveys, Conveyancy, Will and Probate, Corporate Services

Become one of our Beta Testers

Contact us for full details.

How Much Does It Cost?

You will only ever pay for the Instructions you win, giving you peace of mind that Deal Dashboard will be worthwhile signing up to.



Per Month

We charge you absolutely no subscription fees per month

Only Pay for the Instructions you win



From Only

Only Pay for the Instructions you win

Each Instruction will be billed each month.



From Only

We already setup some standard extras you can offer. But you can choose your own.

Only get charged for the extras your clients sign up to.



Free Setup

Absolutely no costs to sign up.

Our friendly team are on hand to help set up your account so its working perfectly.


Anything not answered below, please get in contact with one of our friendly team.

You are billed monthly for only the instructions and extras that you win. You can pay via Paypal on the web app or we can send you a monthly bill to your accounts department.

There are no monthly subscription costs, you only pay for the instructions you win!

Your Company Email, Company Address and Logo thats all! Don't have a logo? Let us know we should be able to organise you something!

Yes - Just give us a call on (+44) 07561 724 095 or and one of our friendly team from the Promarks family will give you a call and offer any help they can.

Because we are all generally on the go, following up quotes to get instructions can sometimes be missed, nevermind the upselling of optional extras you have. Deal Dashboard takes this out of the equation and makes a simple way for people to instruct you to proceed with the job whilst upselling these extras; meaning extra revenue for you.

We already have extras included in the various preset account types, for example: Letting Viewings, Sale Viewings, Valuations, but we also have the Consultancy Services option where you can add your own extras.

Yes - All the various emails are full customisable on the web and mobile versions.

Deal Dashboard is a new app, meaning we are looking for people to sign up initially on a discounted rate to test and provide feedback to how we can improve our app before full release. Becoming a Beta Tester will give you the access to the full features of the app today and will keep you up to date with the features we add along the way.


Although we have concentrated on the Property and Building Sectors, Deal Dashboard is used in various sectors.

If you are unsure as to how it can work for you, please give us a call on (+44) 07561 724 095 or email us on and we would be happy to discuss your options.

We all know that people buy off people they like, you can add a personal message to each of the emails through Deal Dashboard, turning it from souless corporate to professionally friendly.

This maybe where you have discussed your mutual love of golf with the client, and you add "see you on the course sometime"; this will be sent within the appropriate part of the Deal Dashboard email when your terms are sent out.

Put simply, we use it ourselves, we have a background in Estate Agency both Commercial and Residential as well as Development. We have been looking for an app to do just this but did not want the long term expensive monthly commitment most services were offering, why should we pay for lead generation that may not necessarily come off? Thats why we created Deal Dashboard.

We are currently in the Beta Testing Stage at this moment but this means we are looking for feedback from our users constantly. One of these items is to get a Mobile App done, which we will have soon! Become a beta tester today to get the first notification of when it releases.

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